Perry Marshall – Truth Seminar 2019

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Perry Marshall – Truth Seminar 2019

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Perry Marshall – Truth Seminar 2019

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in 2019 and Beyond.

…Which is the only reason I was willing to listen when my friend Bill kept inviting me to “Network Marketing” meetings.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but as I was jamming Direct Marketing and Amway together, I was executing a brilliant, repeatable strategy that I would use for the rest of my career.

DM+MLM was one of my early experiences of willfully JAMMING TWO WORLDS TOGETHER – and discovering that one always shatters the other…

OR makes it ten times better.

In my career I have used this same formula to not merely execute improvements… but total re-inventions that became movements! Not just in marketing, but across many industries:

  • Principles established in my first Google book in 2003 are now the gold standard of a $100 billion industry. The biggest innovation in advertising in 50 years.
  • I didn’t merely evangelize 80/20. I re-invented it. Transformed 80/20 into a verb. My fractal 80/20 equation was published in Harvard Business review in June 2018. 80/202 has become a movement that will continue long after I have left this earth.
  • “Building the Maze” became the industry standard for email and autoresponders. “Maze 2.0” is likewise becoming the gold standard for social media advertising.
  • My Evolution 2.0 Prize is an award for the most fundamental question in all of science that can be precisely defined. It’s the biggest prize on Peter Diamandis’ HeroX platform. If someone wins this prize, their discovery will transform the world in ways as unimaginable as E = mc2, the discovery of DNA or the invention of the transistor.
  • “Renaissance Time,” “Pre-Gutenberg,” “Memos from the Head Office” and my methods for eradicating Financial Head Trash are among the most transformative resources anywhere in the personal development space.
  • The Star Seminar (2014) with Richard Koch laid new foundations for what entrepreneurs aspire to. A higher standard. Individuals worth millions and now tens of millions credit this event as pivotal to their success.


Behind ALL of this there is a map. A way of searching for and defining a truth so solid, no hammer can break it. Plumbing the depths of ANY swamp. Imagine traveling to the very center of the earth and finding the roots beneath the roots… that’s what I do. That’s how I re-invent professions and industries. And you can too.

And THAT is the formula I’m revealing at the Truth Seminar. How to locate the real truth deep in the bowels of the earth… a truth suddenly obvious to everyone once YOU have revealed it. This in turn enables you to re-invent your product, your industry, your profession. In many cases it makes YOU the founder of a NEW industry that did not exist before. It makes you the Star.

What follows is my personal story of a crucial, axis-shifting decision. This would later echo back in a hundred different ways, enabling me to bridge dozens of worlds that never talk to each other.

Finally, after weeks of considering, I decided:

  1. My spiritual tradition represented 4,000 years (!) of accumulated wisdom, history, tales of adventure, consequences, love, hate, grudges, forgiveness, comfort and absolution. And yes, p-l-e-n-t-y of human psychology. All this had been hammered VERY hard by the smartest people in the world. All that… pretty useful.
  2. Modern psychology offered 100 years of a different branch of wisdom… and nobody knows better than me, whose mom was greatly helped by a psychiatrist, that your Holy Bible can’t solve every problem in the world!
  3. So… If we bring these two worlds together, we get the best of both…
  4. But if we shield these worlds from each other, both worlds stay impoverished and isolated like distant islands in the Pacific.

Including several incredibly vulnerable stories of my own that I’ve never told in public before now.

How many seminars credibly promise to show you how to literally topple empires and re-invent industries, professions and markets?

If you’re looking for a Google seminar, Facebook seminar, information marketing seminar, 80/20 seminar, lead generation seminar, attitude adjustment seminar, motivational seminar… go somewhere else. But if that’s all you want… you’re thinking too small. And frankly you’ve probably missed the train already.

Once you axis-shift your industry, your competition is zero. You have no “rivals.” It’s Blue Ocean.

You redefine the rules, so all other players play by YOUR rules.

This isn’t about publicity stunts. This isn’t about “appointing yourself the expert”. It’s got nothing to do with masquerades. This isn’t merely “rhetoric” or “sales pitch.” (Though lesser practitioners will reduce it to that.) This is PURE SUBSTANCE. It’s the truth.

Locating buried treasures that all others have missed.

The Truth Seminar will deliver the exhilaration, brain food, community, numinous atmosphere, interpersonal voltage and stimulation you expect from my events.

Watch while we AXIS SHIFT the marketing industry:

Megan Macedo took [one] of the most vaunted rules in all of marketing and smashed it. She literally invented a new kind of marketing collateral. In so doing she pulled off one of the hardest jobs anybody ever does in marketing or entrepreneurship.

(This was so clever, I didn’t realize how profound it was for three years. Once she explained it, it still took a few months to wrap my head around it.)

I myself only came to this realization because my Evolution 2.0 project was getting diminishing returns. I had sold 10,000 evolution books. Top 5% of all science titles. Most people would be satisfied with that. But I wanted to sell a million. (This issue is too important not to.) No matter how much firepower I threw at it, it wasn’t getting enough traction.

Sometimes that’s a sign your core idea is doomed. I knew that wasn’t the case here. Yet I was still casting about trying to figure out how I could frame it. I tried adding new technology, but that landed with a thud. I tried various sub-markets and sub-niches. I attempted an eclectic array of rants. But over and over again, the clutch would slip.

If you make a radical change to ONE axis of a system, the whole thing changes. This resulted in major surgery, a complete reversal of how I approached the promotion. Megan and I went to work and a few days later emerged with a fresh approach. An approach based on completely rejecting one of the most fundamental “truths” of marketing.

Early Indicator #1: I get on a podcast and one of the co-hosts starts busting my balls. I had booked the appointment by taking a technological “AI” approach, and he couldn’t wait for a bunch of boring acronyms and techno-latin. (And he didn’t mind saying so.)

On the show I channeled a different voice, based on Megan’s norm-defiant rules. 75 minutes in, the host says, “Dang, this was supposed to be a 60-minute interview and we’re 15 minutes overtime and this is enthralling! Can you come back for another episode?”

The other host said, “Yes! And I’ve got three other podcasts I want you on too.” This had never happened before with Evolution 2.0.

Early Indicator #2: Three weeks later, I give a related talk at a party. Afterwards, two bartenders come up to me (hired to pour drinks, no prior connection whatsoever to my story or project) and said, “That was an amazing talk you gave. Absolutely fascinating. Where do I find out more?”

Early Indicator #3: The next day, a videographer, also a hired gun, came up to me and said, “That was captivating. Where do I get your book?”

And that isn’t all. Megan helped me uncover a signature pattern in my own work through a process she invented which I have asked her to teach at the Truth Seminar. In fact, that signature pattern was a big element in the deconstruction formula I’m teaching at this seminar.

You have never seen anything like this at any marketing seminar, copywriting workshop or sales training. I suspect many old-school copywriters will not be able to make the switch. But those who do are in for a treat. A total re-invention of marketing.

If you’ve been hanging around Planet Perry awhile, you’re hopefully familiar with Megan. But you didn’t see this.

Harness the Deconstruction + Re-Invention Machine

Are you starting to see a pattern?

  1. Identify an existing approach that’s running out of gas
  2. Put it on the anvil of an external discipline, industry or source of knowledge
  3. Pound hard until a hunk of slag breaks off,
  4. Merge new fields together to make a NEW species of idea… one far more powerful than what was before.

I’ve done that again and again and again. Finally in 2019 I have sufficient clarity to explain and teach my method.

80/20 Sales & Marketing is what happens when you merge Sales and Marketing with… Fractals and Chaos. (And also when you explain it in plain English.) I discovered that marketing gets radically simplified when you run it through an 80/20 gauntlet. In fact… it makes everything that works in marketing vastly simpler to explain!

The more times you do this… the more fields you do this in… the more powerful you become. AND: The more common threads you draw between fields, the more true your truths actually are. The more enduring. The more eternal.

Truth Seminar is for you if:

  • You are keenly aware how marketing is commoditized and “being a better marketer” is no longer a game-changer. You desperately need a different way to redefine the rules
  • You secretly long to alter the trajectory of your entire profession. You want to make a dent in the world
  • You want to practice on small things so that when you transition to big things, you don’t go splat. (Imagine running through the double doors of your hotel room, pushing them open and finding to your chagrin that the balcony is gone and you go splat – not a fun thing to experience in business)
  • You know the standard marketing bag of tricks is insufficient, so you want something that will clearly differentiate you from all others, in a world of look-alike people (all too many of which are incompetent posers)
  • You want a set of weapons that defends you against ideas that are doomed to fail – and you want to sniff them out faster than 99% of other players.
  • You want your ideas, systems, products and legacy to last a LONG time. Because you hate building things only to have to rebuild again and again.
  • You’re tired of following others. You’re tired of waiting for people to hand you formulas. You want to create your own formulas.
  • Some people at this seminar will be 20 years old. We can only imagine the worlds they’ll re-invent. But when you start de-constructing and re-inventing at age 40 or 60 or 70 or 80, it’s still worthwhile.
  • Get Perry Marshall – Truth Seminar 2019 on right now!      


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