Management of the Burn Patient – Dr. Paul Langlois

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Management of the Burn Patient – Dr. Paul Langlois


Working with burn patients means you MUST be able to recognize the subtle changes that could indicate life-threatening complications. You need to be up to date on the most current and cutting edge management strategies. In this program, you’ll learn the critical interventions for a wide variety of burns.

Don’t miss the opportunity to sharpen your skills and improve outcomes for the patients who depend on you.

  1. Evaluate the top complications of burn patients.
  2. Prioritize nursing interventions for the burn patient based on the primary survey from A to E.
  3. Assess percent of total body surface area burned using the rule of 9’s.
  4. Calculate the fluid resuscitation needed for a burn patient based on %TBSA and body weight.

  • Burn Demographics
  • Initial Assessment
  • Care Priorities
  • Airway Management
  • Shock and Fluid Resuscitation
  • Electrical Burns
  • Blast Injuries
  • Chemical Burns
  • Pediatric Burn Care
  • Burn Dressings
  • Pain, Agitation and Delirium Management


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