EXOS – The Applied Neuroscience of Peak Performance


EXOS – The Applied Neuroscience of Peak Performance

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EXOS - The Applied Neuroscience of Peak Performance

EXOS – The Applied Neuroscience of Peak Performance

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Join Dr. Sugarman as he takes you on a unique journey through the body and brain connection, and the effect this relationship has on peak performance. Across four presentations you will learn the untold history of the brain and how movement became thought. Dr. Sugarman will then discuss what happens before we become conscious and how this effects our feelings, thoughts, and actions. Dr. Sugarman will continue by sharing practical behavioral upgrading toolkits that focus on using conscious techniques to optimize the health of our non-conscious brain. Finally, Dr. Sugarman will share strategies relative to mindset, nutrition, movement, and recovery that can be used to develop and maintain brain and body health. Collectively, this course provides an integrated blueprint for peak performance optimization in sport and life.

Dr. Roy Sugarman is the Director of Applied Neuroscience at EXOS. In this capacity he has served as a mindset coach with the USA Men’s National Soccer Team, and various Olympic and club level athletes in multiple sporting settings. Dr. Roy Sugarman is the author of two acclaimed books, firstly, “Saving Your Life One Day at a Time”, and “Motivation for Coaches and Personal Trainers”. He is a contributor to various other works, including “Every Day is Game Day” by Mark Verstegen. Dr. Sugarman is a highly respected rehabilitation expert in traumatic brain injury, mood and anxiety disorders in children and adults, and serves as a Clinical Lecturer in Psychiatry at UNSW. With numerous publications in the fields of social withdrawal, the evolution of executive functions, and the meaning of psychology, Dr Sugarman has developed an internationally recognized approach to achieving peak performance in both the body and brain.


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