Elma Mayer – Heal Your Hidden Blockage

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Elma Mayer – Heal Your Hidden Blockage

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Elma Mayer - Heal Your Hidden Blockage

Elma Mayer – Heal Your Hidden Blockage

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Heal the Hidden Blockages that keep Your Issue Stuck.
(Hint… It’s NOT about your “Subconscious Beliefs!”)

We clear ALL the hidden stuff that you are not aware of. Not just your so-called “subconscious beliefs” which are only a tiny fraction of possible blockages.

It’s not about belief, it’s about morphic resonance – which is way bigger than mere “belief”.

There’s a huge universe of unknown resonances, beyond your beliefs. Like… ancient ancestral patterns, morphic memory, resonance with earth & cosmic energies, your biofield, your central nervous system’s connection to your brain & mind, your sensations’ connection to your emotions, your connection to your Infinite Self and your life’s highest expression… to name a few!

None of those are “beliefs” – and yet they affect your field – and your entire future.

We work with ALL of these “unknowns” and many more – with no need to pinpoint them, or find their “cause.”

It’s not just more Information… it’s Transformation
Your energy will shift, every time!
Most participants report immediate changes, from the Live calls, as well as the Replay recordings.
You won’t shift only one area. Every part of your life will Align – it’s all inter-connected.
You won’t get just a bunch of information, or advice, or useless blather, or theories, or analysis of your problem…

You won’t get more To-Do tasks that you then have to take action on…

Instead, you’ll get real transformation… that ripples out into reality, instantly!

Plus… It’s Easy and Affordable.
These monthly Guided Healings are designed to be a low-cost way to access huge amounts of healing.

Spend just a fraction of the cost of a private session.
No need to leave home.
No experience required. (But you’ll get experience, and learn self-healing tools, as you do this!)

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